Why Do I Keep Having to Get My Silver Fillings Replaced?

Q: Why do I keep having to get my silver fillings replaced? A: Silver (amalgam) is a strong metal, but the tooth structure around it cracks. The filling starts leaking and ultimately gets decay underneath that often isn't seen on xray. If replaced before breaking, one can often avoid a crown. At NWDM, we place only tooth colored restorations.

What’s the Buzz on Adult Braces?

Q: What's the buzz on adult braces? A: Braces are possible at any age. Certain oral healthcare conditions can exclude you from getting braces such as bone loss or progressive periodontal disease. For adults, treatment generally lasts longer since the jaw is no longer growing and less able to be shaped to accommodate teeth. Healing time is often slower. The... read more »

Should I Be Concerned About My Teeth If I’m Vegan?

Q: Should I be concerned about my teeth if I'm Vegan? A: After going vegan, one may notice a decline in dental health. Eating a plant-based diet will change the pH balance in your body and mouth, which can cause tooth and gum decay. Avoid developing gum disease due to lack of vitamin D and calcium by incorporating supplements and... read more »

Why Are My Gums Receding?

Q: Why are my gums receding? A: Gums recede for a number of reasons including clenching/grinding, tooth position, aggressive brushing and the most common reason being gum disease. It is imperative to have your gums and teeth checked regularly. A night guard, braces, soft bristled toothbrush, a deep cleaning and/or a gingival graft may be treatment considerations to reverse and... read more »

Curbing That Sweet Tooth

Even as adults, sweets tend to bring out the kid in us. Nothing quite satisfies like a good piece of candy! But as we get older, besides affecting our waistlines, sweets can also affect our gum lines. So, how best to survive the holidays that are traditionally surrounded by sugar? Think: dark chocolate. Research has shown that chocolate can help... read more »

Sleep Apnea and Finding the Best Solution

Did you know that it is estimated that at least 75% of the population suffer from obstructive sleep apnea? It not only causes fatigue and severe daytime drowsiness, but many other problems such as poor memory, clouded intellect, personality changes, irritability, decreased sex drive, impotence, morning headaches and many health problems. Obstructive sleep apnea contributes to cardiovascular disease, as well... read more »

Dental Care Checklist for Seniors

- Keep up your regular dental visits. Hopefully, you've had a lifetime of professional dental care. Don't stop now! Just as these years might motivate you to take special care of your overall health, it's a good idea to give your teeth some extra attention, too. That means visiting your dentist regularly and practicing good oral hygiene habits at home.... read more »

Nightguard vs TMJ Appliance

A TMJ appliance is an orthopedic repositioning appliance that is fabricated based on an in-office evaluation, imaging and computer analysis. This device functions to: - Realign the mandible and maintain proper posture of the condyle within the mandibular fossa which is determined by the muscles, the way the teeth come together, and the TM joint itself. - Re-establish joint space... read more »

HPV-Associated Oral Cancer

Oral cancer used to be associated with tobacco smoking and alcohol. Now it’s associated with the Human Papillomavirus, and as of late, affects four times more men than women. The rate of increase is estimated at 5% per year with a prevalence of 16% in the 80s to over 70% in the early 2000s. Know Your Status - Test for... read more »

Got Headaches? Got Jaw Pain?

Did you know that the #1 etiology of TMJ Disorders is HEADACHES? Neuromuscular dentists work to establish a jaw position that balances the teeth, muscles and jaw joints. Applying neuromuscular principles, we can relax the muscles around the jaw using a TENS device and use Computerized Mandibular Scanning (jaw tracking) to evaluate the jaw's full range of motion (up, down,... read more »