Have you ever wanted to quickly enhance the beauty of your smile? If you are looking to give your smile a cosmetic boost, our dentists, Dr. Rochelle Riley, may recommend that you get Zoom teeth whitening in Enumclaw, Washington. Our team at Northwest Dental Medicine Enumclaw loves the consistent and high-quality results that Zoom whitening yields. If you are ready to take the first step toward a smile you will love showing off, call 360-825-2563 to set up your appointment.

With the smile being the first thing people notice upon meeting someone, it is important that you feel comfortable showing off your teeth. If you have been hiding your teeth and avoiding smiling, you may not be sending the right message about yourself to those around you. A bright smile makes a positive impression and helps you feel better about yourself.

Many of our patients who seek teeth whitening, wonder what caused their teeth to lose their luster. There are a variety of factors that cause tooth discoloration, including:

  • Aging
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Consuming tooth-staining foods
  • Consuming tooth-staining beverages like tea, wine, coffee and soda
  • Tobacco use, including smoking
  • llness
  • Some medications
  • Fluorosis

With Zoom whitening, you can refresh your smile, effectively “turning back the clock” on your smile, transforming it to a look you will feel excited to show off. The whitening treatments we offer are professional grade and will give you the high-quality results you deserve.

Although there are lots of teeth whitening kits available over the counter at most stores, it is important to remember that there is a large difference between professional whitening and store-bought whitening kits.

A Difference You Can See

  • Zoom In-Office Teeth Whitening: Zoom takes roughly 45 minutes to brighten the teeth up to eight shades. The results are immediate, long lasting and are performed by a professional. There is less tooth sensitivity associated with this treatment.
  • Take-Home Whitening Trays: Take home trays take 7-14 days of consistent use to brighten the teeth six hades. They are self-applied and do not have immediate results.
  • Whitening Strips: Whitening strips take 7-30 days to see results that brighten the teeth 3-4 shades. Whitening strips yield inconsistent results.
  • Whitening Toothpaste: Whitening toothpaste can be good to consistently maintain the whiteness of teeth after a whitening treatment, but make little difference in whitening the shades of the teeth. Typical treatment with whitening toothpaste is a minimum of one month to see an improvement of 1-2 shades. The results of whitening toothpaste treat superficial stains and the results fade after discontinuing use of the toothpaste.

How Does It Work?

Zoom whitening is safe and comfortable, giving you immediate, long-lasting results. After a 45-60-minute Zoom whitening session, you can expect your teeth to be brightened to up to eight shades.

Your lips and gums will be covered so that only your teeth are exposed. We will then apply the Zoom whitening gel to the teeth and will use the specially designed Zoom light on your teeth. The combination of light and the gel breaks up and removes stains and discoloration. This treatment is repeated 3-4 times in 15-minute increments.

After the treatment, the dentist may provide you with touch-up whitening trays to maintain your bright new smile.