If you have a gummy smile, our dentists may be able to improve it with a crown lengthening treatment in Enumclaw, Washington. Call Northwest Dental Medicine Enumclaw at 360-825-2563 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rochelle Riley. This procedure is a quick, effective way to enhance the smile and create a look you feel great in.

Crown lengthening is often called cosmetic gum surgery because its results yield a beautiful and aesthetic smile by removing excess gum tissue. When there is too much gum tissue, the teeth often appear small, misshapen or uneven.

During a crown lengthening procedure, our team will remove a small amount of gum tissue from your gumline, revealing more of the tooth structure and giving you a more aesthetic look. Typically, this treatment can be performed in just one brief visit. As a result, we are sure you will feel more confident about showing off your smile to family and friends. Since everyone’s needs differ, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our team to see if this treatment would be right for your smile needs.

If our team determines that you would benefit from crown lengthening, we will make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Call to learn more!