Dental crowns and bridges are a safe and effective way to restore your smile, replacing missing or damaged teeth. Depending on your needs, our dentists may recommend that you get dental crowns and bridges in Enumclaw, Washington. During your appointment with Dr. Rochelle Riley at Northwest Dental Medicine Enumclaw, we will determine if one of these treatments will give you the results you need. If you have any questions, feel free to call 360-825-2563 to speak with a team member.

Dental Crowns
A dental crown, which is commonly called a cap, is a treatment that is designed to restore the tooth’s strength, functionality and appearance after it has been damaged by decay or injury. Our dentists will customize your dental crown to match the natural appearance of your teeth. The dental crown is designed to cover the damaged tooth, preventing further damage. It can also be used to top a dental implant.

Dental Bridges
The dental bridge is used to replace missing teeth. After losing a tooth, the remaining teeth shift to fill the gap, causing you to develop a bad bite and have difficulty speaking and eating properly. The dental bridge is used to “bridge” the gap in your smile so that you can keep your teeth in their proper positions. Your dental bridge will be anchored in place by dental crowns attached to either side of the prosthetic tooth.