By using our intraoral scanner, our dentists and team at Northwest Dental Medicine Enumclaw can reduce the amount of time you spend in the dental chair and can make your appointments more comfortable and enjoyable. One of the ways we use the intraoral scanner is to take precise impressions of your mouth in a very comfortable and relaxing way.

How Does It Work?
Those who have had impressions taken in the past know how uncomfortable they can be. Traditional impressions use a messy goop substance to create a mold of your smile. This impression material has been difficult for those who have a sensitive gag reflex or have difficulty breathing through their nose. Dr. Rochelle Riley have changed the way we do impressions at our office by eliminating the impression material in favor of a digital scanner.

This tool allows our team to measure your smile in a fast, comfortable and non-invasive way. During your appointment, we will pass this small pen-shaped device through your mouth, getting digital images of your teeth and supporting structures instantly. The entire process of getting digital impressions is very fast with the patient being able to get a measurement of their smile in just a few minutes.

Our team may recommend that you get digital impressions in Enumclaw, Washington, in preparation for dental crowns and other restorations or for orthodontic aligners.

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